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The Lalani Service Department is a one stop shop that provides a wide range of services, giving its customers the advantage of not having to look and manage multiple vendors. Our services are closely knit and tailored to customers’ requirements. We strive to provide our customers with greater value for money along with unparalleled service.


This is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Service Centre. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure along with technically equipped team of 60+ engineers enables us to fulfil and satisfy our customer’s requirements on time. We follow an organized process wherein, after testing the customer’s damaged or faulty products, we then send these tested products to the respective principal companies for further action.


We are an authorized service center of Canon and Panasonic.


Our Gamut of Service includes:


  • Computer & Printers Service
    A) HP/ Lenovo/ Dell/ Acer Desktop And All- In- One Desktop
    B) Assembled Desktop
    C) HP/Canon/Brother/Samsung Laser Printer
    D) HP /Epson/Canon/ Samsung Inkjet/DeskJet Printer
    E) All Brand Laptop Service
    F) All Brand Laptop Mother Board (Chip Level) Service
    G) All Brand Desktop Mother Board (Chip Level) Service
    H) Networking Management (LAN) — Network Cable Laying, I/O Punching, Rack Fitting, Network Switch Fitting & Configuration
    I) Wireless Networking– Wireless Router Configuration and Installation
    J) HP/Lenovo/ Dell Server Installation


  • Fax & Multifunction Service (Authorized Service Provider Of Panasonic Fax And Multifunction)
    A) Panasonic/Brother/Samsung /Canon Thermal Paper Fax Machine

    B) Panasonic/Canon   Plain Paper Fax Machine
    C) Panasonic/Canon/Samsung/Brother Laser Fax Machine
    D) Panasonic/Canon/ Samsung/Brother   Multifunction Printer
  • Plain Paper Copier Service(Authorized Service Provider Of Canon A 3 Size Plain Paper Copier)
    A) Kyocera Copier
    B) Panasonic Copier
    C) Canon Copier
  • Epabx/ Kts Service (Authorized Service Provider Of Panasonic Epabx & Kts, Telephone, Cordless)
    A) Panasonic Epabx and Kts Service
    B) Accord Epabx and Kts Service
    C) Panasonic Telephone and Cordless Service
    D) Panasonic Epabx and Kits Card, Chip Level Service
  • CCTV & Biometric Machine Services
    A)Hikvision CCTV Camera and Dvr, Nvr
    B)Hikvision IP Camera
    C)Essl Biometrick (Attendance) Machine
    D)Essl Access ControlOffice
  • Automation Products Service
    A) Lamination Machine
    B) Note Counting (Bundle & Loose Note) Machine
    C)Paper Shredder AMC & Other Support Services


Computers – Warranty, Amc and Casual Support for Computers & Printers Fax & Multifunction – Warranty, Amc and Casual Support For Fax And Multifunction Printer.


Copiers     – Warranty, Amc and Casual Support for Canon, Panasonic And Kyocera Copiers


Epabx   – Warranty, Amc and Casual Support For Panasonic And Accord Epabx& Kits And Panasonic Telephone


CCTV   – Warranty, Amc and Casual Support for Hikvision CCTV Camera and DVR and Essl Biometric Machine


Office Automation – Warranty and Casual Support for Lamination, Note Counting Machine and Paper Shredder Machine


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